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Durex Tingle, Heat & VC Lube Triple Pack

Durex Tingle, Heat & VC Lube Triple Pack
Price £16.00
Durex Play Lubricant Multi Pack

Cover all your lube bases in slippery style with a handy 3 lube selection pack from Durex Play
Durex Tingle lube is a long-lasting silky lube that creates a bright, tingling sensation wherever you put it…providing an overall “wake up” call with a zingy, refreshing taste and fresh, clean fragrance. It is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face! Warm your hands then smooth a little Play Tingling lube on to your partner and they’ll feel a heightened tingling minty sensation.
Sensitivity is heightened when you play with fire, so try Durex Play Heat lube for an overall heightened experience! Durex Heat is designed to enhance pleasure, lovemaking a more sensual experience for both partners. Warm your hands, rub a little Play Heat on to your partner and then blow gently to enhance the warming action and make the sensation even more deliciously intense.
Guilty pleasure, sugar free! Durex Very Cherry lube is a light, smooth lube that’s been specifically designed to taste sweet and be deliciously fruity. Warm your hands, rub a little onto your partner and then lick it off with a warm tongue and extremely cheeky grin. Lovely!

All Durex Play lubes are perfect for use with Durex condoms and can be applied when the condom is already on. Durex Play lubes are not contraceptives and do not contain spermicide.
Dimensions: 3 x 50ml bottle with twist pump action for easy use.

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