Durex Condoms
Durex are the market leader condom manufacturer in the UK and Europe. They have over 75 years experience of manufacturing condoms, to be honest, at the time of writing this, the Editor didn’t know condoms had been around that long! I’m sure it will be a school day in the office when write our ‘history of the condom blog’ then.
Durex condoms only use the finest quality materials to manufacture their products. Each is tested, not by a group of randy students putting them through their paces on the basis of earning a bit more beer money but by a group of nerdy scientists who test them electronically. Samples from each batch are tested for strength by being inflated with air.

Durex Condom Products
Durex Performa –
Help Delay Climax and Make You Last Longer
Durex Performa condoms are specifically engineered to help you last longer, perform better and enjoy sex more. They are lubricated with 7.5% Benzocaine, a mild anesthetic, which helps delay climax and prolong your erection. Buy Now

Durex Pleasuremax –
Provide Maximum Stimulation and Intense Pleasure
Durex PleasureMax condoms are made to ensure maximum stimulation and intense pleasure for both you and your partner while providing the protection you expect from Durex. The condom has specifically positioned ribs and raised dots to give a more intense feeling for both you and your partner. Buy Now

Durex Elite –
Ultra Fine and Extra Sensual
Durex Elite condoms are an ultra fine latex condom containing extra lubricant for a truly sensual feeling and a more intense heat transfer when making love. Elite condoms are specifically designed slightly wider at the base for easy use. Buy Now

Durex Select Fruit Flavours –
Fun and Fruity, Great for Oral Sex
Durex Select Flavoured condoms contain 4 tasty, delicious fruit flavours including Banana, Strawberry, Orange and NEW Kiwi Fruit to bring loads more fun and excitement into your sex life. Buy Now

Durex Extra Safe 
– Buckle Up For Fun, Great for Anal Sex
Durex Extra Safe condoms are made thicker for the ultimate reassurance but are still fun. They are designed for a very comfortable fit with extra lubricant for more fun and a Spermicidal gel for greater reassurance. Buy Now

Durex Close Fit 
– Skin Tight For A Sensual Feel
Durex Close Fit condoms stick to you like a second skin! They are designed to fit much closer to the skin and grip the body contours, which provides extra confidence when you’re getting down and dirty with your lover. Buy Now

Durex Comfort XL 
– Comfort For Larger Men
Durex Comfort XL are king size condoms (extra large) for a roomy fit or just larger for those who need it. They have the “Durex Easy Fit” shape to be easy to put on and are engineered to provide a better fit and feel during lovemaking for the larger man. Buy Now
Durex Condom Safety Testing and Quality Assurance

Durex condoms don’t meet international standards, they proudly exceed them. Condoms must contain at least 18 litres of air to pass the ‘air burst’ test of quality. Durex condoms can usually hold 40 litres of air without bursting.
All condom types are dermatologically tested and, if one condom doesn’t pass any of the Durex quality and safety tests, the entire batch of 432,000 condoms quote, “doesn’t leave the factory”. Now it has been claimed we have overactive imaginations here at Superior Condoms Blog but we can’t help wondering what they do with them all? We have processed and sold so many condoms at Superior Condoms, we could build a tower over 1,250 metres tall – the equivalent of 8 Gherkin Buildings so we know a thing or two about how much space condoms take up! Visions of boxes and boxes of condoms building up at the Durex factories, perhaps we’ll pop them a message when we write our ’101 uses for condoms other than sex’ blog.
Durex conduct roughly two million additional tests per month where they fill sample condoms with water to check they don’t leak. We don’t understand how a water test proves condoms don’t lead in comparison to an air test but frankly we don’t care, they can test them however they want as long as our customers have only the highest standard or reliability against contracting sexually transmitted diseases or having unwanted pregnancies.
We feel that Durex quality standards and rigorous testing procedures provide considerable peace of mind with regards to protection.
Durex claim to be continually undertaking research projects to improve their products and spotting new trends in sexual behaviour.